We host arboriculture training including ISA certification test preparation programs. Upcoming events are listed under the "Arborist Academy" page. Individual requests can be facilitated by request for services like pruning, planting, or litigation work. 

Pruning Training Tree Planting
Failed EAB Ash Tree

Risk Assessments

Tree Liability and Risk Management are one of our largest lines of business. We specialize in risk assessments that follow the industry standard and are best equipped to guide you in managing one tree or an entire forest site.

Landscape Design

Creating a beautiful landscape that balances ecological benefit and pleasurable aesthetics can be challenging. Ask about our past projects and see how we can establish a landscape that provides generational enjoyment. 

Young Trees Fresh Landscape Native
Tree Preservation Construction Fence

Tree Preservation

Trees should be long term benefits on the landscape, not liabilities. Incorporating us as subject matter experts early in the construction process can aid in site inventory, retainment decisions, and protection measures that comply with local ordinances. 

Tree Inventory

Before making management decisions, you need to know what assets you have. A detailed inventory is vital to prioritizing and categorizing tree risk as well as educating on the development of a resilient urban forest. 

Forest Tree Inventory
Failed EAB Ash Tree Litigation

Expert Witness

Litigation involving tree related incidents can be hard to navigate. Lean on our extensive experience to inform on industry practices, duty of care, negligence, and interpreting local tree ordinances.