Honey Locust Grove

 ISA Board Certified Master Arborist™

 PD-2749BUM, TRAQ Certified

 ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist®

 RCA #763

 Jonathan T. Rizzo 
 Consulting Arborist 


 Since 2012 


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Failed EAB Ash Tree

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 What Our Happy Clients Are Saying 

"I called Jonathan in a panic after discovering that incorrect staking of two young Dawn redwoods had caused girdling. He responded quickly and came to assess my trees. Jonathan told me that they will likely survive but could benefit from proper staking. I asked him to do this work. I learned proper technique with his guidance and instruction. He also taught me how to use mulch correctly and sent me a guide on this as well. Working with Jon was a pleasure. I feel so fortunate to know him and to know that I have someone who can help me as well as teach me about my trees." 

Donna Kramer